Untangling the World of Books, Technology, and Instruction

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


So I bought this great bag at Hobby Lobby before the holidays. I LOVE bags, purses, totes..... This one was meant to be mine because it was half price making the cost below the "think twice before I buy it" threshold. Currently, it's hanging on the bedroom doorknob & I've looked at it like a gazillion times since it came home with me.  And I keep thinking, I'm always working on gratitude but am I really grateful? Do I just say it but never consider the feeling?  Like seriously grateful? Like crazy grateful?

Guilty……And like Alice, I give great advice, but seldom heed my own.  And that, my friends, will cost you in the end.

Reflecting on the past school year, I did a lot of blah blahing about some really awesome things with regard to professional learning, staying inspired, and dynamic learning.  Didn't do one.

Now, as I start unpacking my junk from the great bag I thought would inspire me to be grateful, I realize the first thing on my list-o-reflection is to consider #crazythankful  and mean it.  As frustrated as I am with things around me, I LOVE being a librarian with ALL that encompasses (tech fixer, research instructor, ethical use meanie, book lady, digital citizenship investigator……..).  I had great opportunities to teach, share, and represent with my tribe.  I created a 100% student safe library, according to my peep survey at FMS. I'm darn good at what I do.

Somewhere along the way this year, I lost sight of all of that.  Glad I found it in the bag.