Untangling the World of Books, Technology, and Instruction

Wednesday, June 1, 2016


So I bought this great bag at Hobby Lobby before the holidays. I LOVE bags, purses, totes..... This one was meant to be mine because it was half price making the cost below the "think twice before I buy it" threshold. Currently, it's hanging on the bedroom doorknob & I've looked at it like a gazillion times since it came home with me.  And I keep thinking, I'm always working on gratitude but am I really grateful? Do I just say it but never consider the feeling?  Like seriously grateful? Like crazy grateful?

Guilty……And like Alice, I give great advice, but seldom heed my own.  And that, my friends, will cost you in the end.

Reflecting on the past school year, I did a lot of blah blahing about some really awesome things with regard to professional learning, staying inspired, and dynamic learning.  Didn't do one.

Now, as I start unpacking my junk from the great bag I thought would inspire me to be grateful, I realize the first thing on my list-o-reflection is to consider #crazythankful  and mean it.  As frustrated as I am with things around me, I LOVE being a librarian with ALL that encompasses (tech fixer, research instructor, ethical use meanie, book lady, digital citizenship investigator……..).  I had great opportunities to teach, share, and represent with my tribe.  I created a 100% student safe library, according to my peep survey at FMS. I'm darn good at what I do.

Somewhere along the way this year, I lost sight of all of that.  Glad I found it in the bag.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Care and Feeding of your P2LN - Connected Educator Study (2)

The second key connector in our book study discusses personal learning: the how, where, and when.  I have loved reading this book as a veteran of Twitter as it reminds me of all the great reasons I love Twitter as a professional resource. Thank you, guys!

As a co-founder of two twitter chats, I can say with absolute assurance that connected educators are ready to learn anytime, anywhere.  I've moderated and greeted chats from volleyball games, passenger seat of the car, and once during freshman orientation (which I did with the utmost respect and discretion). I believe in the power of connecting and sharing that much.....  There is a valuable nugget of information for everyone who jumps into a Twitter chat.

Connected educators are also willing to learn on Saturdays and at 3 am because we LOVE learning and growing.  As the authors share, professional learning which takes place outside the traditional day, is the most powerful.  When we are able to be in the mindset to receive great information, it sticks with us and has a lasting effect. That makes finding some time for reading, reflecting, and sharing to take place so critical. It's the process of refilling the well and finding some humor in what we do. Here are a few educators I turn to for inspiration and great ideas.

Love The Daring Librarian, I hope to be as whackadoodle as she is when I Grow Up. And she's a middle school librarian.

Buffy Hamilton - the first librarian I followed on Twitter and love keeping up w/ her libraries, students, puppies, and best practices.

My partner in crime, Lynn Kleinmeyer, keeps me on my toes, pushes me to be better and want more for my students, and can kind of read my mind.

The FMS Library Instagram account - celebrating our students who inspire me everyday.

As a librarian in two buildings, I am my own department, and it is very easy to isolate myself within my own little world.  Having a connected network helps me to stay inspired and knowledgeable about issues, trends, new books, and great activities for me to share with my students. "So stealing that idea" is one of my mottos.  And please steal from me when I share things, as well.