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Friday, March 8, 2013

10 Things any Class Can Do With an iPad

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Ready to think outside the box?  How about we get rid of the box? Regardless of content area, there are so many amazing and engaging ways we can use iPads in the classroom.  The following list is just the tip of the never-ending iceberg of possibilities.  

Poll Everywhere: Project small group discussion results on classroom screen or create a running narrative/description
Socrative: Check for understanding with m/c or short answer
Google Drive: Access student accounts and district domains for collaboration & creation
I-nigma: Project QR code on a screen.  Students scan for website, read & respond
Colorbox HD: Create summary of a story, concept or lesson
Comic Touch: Take photo relating to lesson and summarize
Common Core: Search and identify standards they have mastered in your class
Evernote: Create accounts (accessible from any device - anywhere) & compile ideas, articles, & notes
Flashcardlet: Students create their own flashcards to study and share
Haiku Deck: Create and share presentations on any topic or concept

**Bonus**Show Me: Create animated presentation to illustrate or describe any concept through drawing and importing photos.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Inspired by Google

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Yesterday, I had the greatest collaborative meeting.  Our conversation stemmed from Mrs. G's desire to integrate the new iPads into her research project and further advance her goal to be as paperless as possible this semester.  We went through Google Docs, Drive, and how we could pull all of those pieces together into a cohesive and authentic research project.  It was awesome.  In addition to that, we continued our discussion throughout the day through Google Chat as we fined tuned the reading selections the students would have available to them.

It took alot of conversation and her whole plan period including some live practice with sharing and commenting on documents, but the results were so amazing.  It felt like we were really shifting the learning experience for our students toward something incredibly powerful and dynamic. Citations, research, and notetaking will still be an integral part of the process, but with Google, students will have access to comments and the collaborative process, as well as access from any computer.  Granted, I don't have to write the papers, but I am so excited for the process.

Thanks, Mrs. G for taking the leap and I am so proud of the strides you are making in the technology race. Our students will be the winners.