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Friday, June 15, 2012

It Was the Best of Times....It Was the Worst of Times

Sleep Well
Finished all of the end of year tasks this week and tucked the library in for a nice summer nap. Spent some time reflecting - in the dark - about the last months and my first year as a school librarian.  It was far greater and far worse than I could ever have imagined...but...there was NEVER a day that I didn't want to continue on my journey as a librarian, advocate for students and reading, and technology integration. I learned to teach from my feet - not my knees (thank you, Dr. Pasco). I learned to forgive and repair, and I learned that unexpected insights are found in unexpected young people (thank you, Lunch Bunch).

Sitting there in the dark, I thought about all the days I came into and left the quiet library and all the mistakes and victories. Each day was a new beginning and an opportunity to guide and support those kiddos in their endeavors no matter how large or small.  I met some of the most amazing individuals in my students.  Some that made me laugh so hard and some that nearly broke my heart.  All of whom I included in my prayers.

There were days I dropped all the stuff on my desk, left it in a messy heap, and went out to visit with the kids, check out books, and just be in their presence.  They kept me focused, grounded, humbled, and inspired without even realizing how much I learned from them. And it is there that I think I found the true gift of teaching - we learn and receive so much more from them - than they from us.

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