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Friday, May 24, 2013

Looking Back.....Moving Forward

I started this blog two years ago, to document and share my experiences as a school librarian.  It's been a pretty interesting two years, and after reading over two years of posts - I don't think I would change a thing. Because, in the words of Rascal Flatts....God Bless the Broken Road...It Led Me Straight to Here (or something like that). Next fall, I will be in another district as a school librarian with new challenges and new celebrations....and a much shorter drive.

While I was cleaning, sorting, and packing my office this week, I came across my little green butterfly. Abby and I bought him at the HDZ right after I was hired at LV.  He made an appearance in my first graders "Hungry Caterpillar" reader's theater at Beemer, joined me that August in LV and has lived in my office since. One day I found him smashed under some catalogs and binders.  That day, I could honestly say I knew how he felt.  It wasn't my best day, but there have been some pretty great days, as well.

He's been witness to the things that I never dreamed would happen.

Like the day one of my reluctant readers checked out a book and said, "I just want you to know, I read whatever you recommend because you just know where the great books are." And the day one student skipped out of the library clutching the latest book in the series she was reading after waiting for it to arrive - skipping. And from a research survivor, "Mrs. S, I just want to say, NoodleTools and GoogleDrive have saved my life this year. I 'm so glad you made us learn it."  And the most humbling, a farewell message left by one of my fifth graders on the class wiki, "Someday, I will stand up for other people who are bullied."

I'm honored by the trust the LV teachers have shown when we've started paperless research projects on the iPads, and the poetry videos we made in the elementary instead of traditional paper/pencil assessments. I'm proud of my colleagues for taking risks and changing the way they teach to include technology in a meaningful way. I've certainly learned more from my students than they likely learned from me - and for that I am grateful. I'm blessed to have been able to present at NETA13 to share the power of technology in advocating for library and to be a part of the #nebedchat PLN and for the amazing network of professionals putting students first every single day.

Finally, I'm blessed to have a husband who has stood by me every day, held my hand, and listened to me rant and cry when appropriate - or not appropriate.  He is my inspiration to grow and perfect my craft as a professional. He does all of that, while guiding his own staff and students - and he still does the laundry.

Looking back some of the scars are fading in light of the blessings I have found.  Some were honestly, downright miracles.


  1. Congrats on a successful two years of blogging. I sat in on your "Has the Librarian left the building" session at NETA and was inspired to take the plunge into a program. I start my first class through UNK in a week. Your ideas and achievements were impressive; I hope I can do half as much as you do someday.

  2. Thank you for your kind words and congratulations on starting the library program at UNK. It is first rate. Also, thank you for attending my NETA13 presnentation. It's always nerve wracking to be in front of your peers but that was a GREAT day and so much energy in that little room. We are so lucky to have great mentors and resources in Nebraska for librarians. Best of luck and let me know if I can provide any help.