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Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Power of Socrative

The most amazing thing happened this week in library class.
As you may know, I am in a different district this school year.  Much closer to home, but lots of adjustment.  I spent my last two years mainly in a secondary library, and this year, I am a K-4 school librarian. And, did I forget how fast Kindergartner's can move?

There have been lots of ups and downs during the starting over process.  I hate starting over! I hate not knowing names and where to find paperclips. Mostly, I hate not having connections with my students. Lots of exciting things are happening in my district and I am grateful to be a part of change, I just hate starting over.  Did I mention I hate starting over?

My older students are working on foundations of research and some days are rough.  The answers don't just jump out and scream, "here I am! Take me, Take me!" It's like the video one of the teachers sent me last year after a particularly harrowing week full of technology issues and tangles - and teaching research.

However, my students are starting to find the amazing sense of accomplishment when they "bring in the herd" and find the answers they are looking for.

I love to use the resource Socrative  for assessing understanding.  This week I used it on some basics of World Book online. We had an activity where the kiddos looked at an image of an article  and answered questions based on what they read or what components of World Book they identified. I designed the activity to give the students feedback after every question.  I started hearing a "yes" here and there as they worked through the questions individually.  I stopped by one student and helped read the questions.  The first question was correct and I got a little smile.  By the third question, the room lit up with the most heartwarming grin.  I was dismissed because, "I think I got it, Mrs. Stogdill."

Watching a student find the power of knowledge, is one of the things I love about what I do.

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