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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And I Got Here...How?

I can safely say that when I started this blog as a first year school librarian, I would never have predicted the twists and turns that I have encountered in the last two months. My journey took an unexpected turn personally and professionally resulting in an absolute nightmare. Through no fault of my own, the result left me unsure of myself as an educator and a person and my family in upheaval.  However, as my situation begins to move forward, I have learned a few things worth sharing.

Sometime we ask for guidance and get silence.

It takes more courage to be gracious than it does to be arrogant.

Integrity always outshines the darkness.

Individuals I have known and worked with only six months had my back, supported and encouraged me in the worst and early days of my situation.  My students reminded me daily that what I do matters and they stunned me regularly with their insight and knowledge.  Finally, my husband expressed his displeasure by drawing his sword in my defense in light of the events that took place. It is his faith and support that guided me through the first few week because I was quite simply emotionally wrecked. As an educator, he has always been my inspiration because of his integrity and passion for what is best for students.  As a person, he is my absolute best friend. I am not lucky to have him in my corner....

Quite simply, I am humbled.

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