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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Yesterday, my daughters walked into a volleyball match, side by side with matching warm ups and bags.  I asked myself, how did we get here already? I'm pretty sure just last week, I had one child and we were spending every Saturday in January watching Dad coach wrestling. My journey as a parent has been marked by these moments - and sometimes I forget to stop and look back.

My journey as a librarian has been marked by my students and the books that have changed me along the way.
        * The Snowy Day - Ezra Jack Keats (The power of a little school participating in a simultaneous national reading program - yes, we can make a difference.)
         * Little House Chapter Books - Adapted from Laura Ingalls Wilder (Watching a first grader discover she is a reader.)
          * Healing Spell - Kimberley Griffiths Little (Connecting with a national author through our elementary library blog)
          * Perfect Chemistry  - Simone Elkes (Really listening to a student's passion for a book.)
          * Crank - Ellen Hopkins (Students' freedom to read and the power of our students' passion for reading.)

Retrieved from communities.washingtontimes.com

I seem to roll through my whole life at full speed - one thing to the next. I just completed my master's in December, and some reflection seemed appropriate. I tell my students all the time when we talk about research, technology, and love of learning, the journey is more important than the destination.

Just like Alice - I give great advice, but seldom take my own.

I have been truly blessed with an amazing PLN which has brought me new friends and colleagues (#nebedchat). I get starstruck when I meet one of my Tweeps - and I hope that never stops. My students continue to inspire me everyday with their insight and wisdom. I look toward the future for more books to mark my journey. Most of all - I am humbled by the blessings and opportunities being an educator have brought to my life.

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  1. Dear Cyn, what a blessing *you* are to your community and schools, and most of all to your students. I'm so touched by this post - and honored to have played a tiny role in your life as a reader and Librarian Extraordinaire! Thank you for all you do. xo