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Thursday, April 30, 2015

10 Steps to Avoid a Twitter-vention

After my family accused me of functioning in a technology coma, I decided it was time to come up with some ways to protect myself from the inevitable intervention.

10. To avoid detection, put your device on silent. No on will hear the "tweet"

9.  Sleeping with your device under your pillow is a dead give way that you need help.

8.  Although the restroom may be the only time you are alone - this should be a device free area.

7.  No tweeting at the dinner table.

6. Make sure all your dependents have been fed before you check your twitter feed.

5. Avoid the urge to "tweet that out" when something unusual happens.

4. Avoid tweeting family members from across the room.

3. If you use tweet deck....limit your columns to 20 or less. More than 20 indicates at risk behavior and more than 30 warrants an intervention.

2. Avoid answering questions with "huh?" in a twitter induced haze.

1. If all else fails, put your device inside a print book.  As a librarian, how can I argue with a good book?


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